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这首歌选自独立民谣风格的乐队The DO首张专辑《A Mouthful》,成员为Olivia B.Merilahti和Dan Levy,来自法国巴黎和芬兰赫尔辛基的一对新跨国组合。大老远的两个人凑在一起,不禁让我想起了爱尔兰电影《Once》,麦田里也介绍过Once的电影原声音乐,很有才情的一对音乐才子佳人,只可惜有情人终不成眷属,更让人唏嘘。

今天是七夕情人节,不过这首《song for lovers》并没有情人节的热烈氛围,清新的吉他配乐,女主唱平静甚至带着点低落的声音,娓娓道出更多的是爱情的沉重。顺便八卦一下,或许这两人能发展成恋人吧?The DO的乐队名称怎么看怎么觉得像是两人第一个字母的结合??

试听:song for lovers-the do

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Here’s a song for lovers
Who don’t care if they don’t sleep
If dragonflies with heavy hearts
Cut the air like darts

Here’s a song for lovers
Who won’t ever have to weep
Clear-sighted eyes and uncried tears
All bright out in the sun

You were far too young dear
To get so close to the clouds
No one told you to stay awake
For pleasures of that kind

You were far too small
To step far outside of your house
Now you saw how dragonflies
Tint their hearts with dark

Here’s a song for lovers
Who don’t care if they bleed

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