There Were Roses-Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon
Cara Dillon是爱尔兰歌手,一心想促进民族的融合。她借鉴引入了多个民族音乐特有的元素,并融入自己天然的个性和感染的魅力,在歌曲中叙述一则美妙的故事,更是其独特的创意。她精心采取各种手段来提高音乐的质量,而从不论国界,不计较文化和语言的种类。
“There Were Roses”,这首歌曲Cara曾在电视节目中演唱,观众强烈的反响瞬间就如排山倒海之势。Cara 说:“人们可能对我很惊诧,因为我以前从未做过任何政治方面的事务,但是我对和平一直有很强烈的感觉,特别赞同这首歌曲的精神,我相信我对它的理解绝对准确。”
尽管她现在住在英格兰,但是她仍然注重保留和接近那些给予她创作来源的东西。她对她的母亲有着非常丰富生动的记忆,那些母亲带着她和她姐姐到爱尔兰,以及她常常跑到自由街(Liberty Street)去一位老人黑黑的小酒吧听那些有趣民谣的往昔岁月。

试听:There Were Roses-Cara Dillon

My song for you this evening 今晚我的歌为你而唱
Is not to make you sad 不是要使你悲伤
Nor for adding to the sorrows 也不是要增添忧愁
Of this troubled northern land 关于这片困扰的北方大地
But lately I've been thinking 但是最近我在思考
And it just wont leave my mind 思考从没有停止
I'll tell you about two friends one time 我将告诉你曾经的两个朋友
Who were both good friends of mine 他们都曾是我的好友

Isaac he was Protestant 伊萨卡他是一名清教徒
And Sean was Catholic born 西恩是天主教徒
But it never made a difference 但是这从来没有影响什么
For the friendship it was strong 因为友谊坚固
And sometimes in the evening 有时候在夜里
When they heard the sound of drums 当他们听到鼓声的时候
They said they wont divide us 他们说他们决不分离
We will always be as one 始终如一

There were roses, roses 玫瑰啊,玫瑰
There were roses有很多的玫瑰
And the tears of a people ran together 众人泪流成河

It was on a Sunday morning 在一个礼拜天的上午
When the awful news came round 噩耗传来
Another killing had been done 又一场杀戮展开
Just outside Newry Town 就在新城外
We knew that Isaac danced up there 我们知道伊萨卡在那儿跳舞
We knew he liked the band 我们知道他喜欢乐队
But when we heard that he was dead 可是当我们得知他死了
We just could not understand 这简直难以置信

Now fear it filled the countryside 现在恐惧笼罩乡村
There was fear in every home 恐惧压在每个人的心头
When late at night a car came 深夜来了一辆汽车
Prowling round the Ryan Road 在来恩路徘徊
A Catholic would be killed tonight 一名天主教土今晚即将被杀
To even up the score 为了报复
Oh Christ, it's young MacDonald 噢,基督,是年轻的麦克当纳
They have taken from the door 他们从门边抓走了他

There were roses, roses 玫瑰啊,玫瑰啊
There were roses 有很多的玫瑰
And the tears of a people ran together众人泪流成河

Isaac was my friend he cried 我的朋友伊萨卡哭喊着
He begged them with his tears 他流泪乞求他们
But centuries of hatred 但是几个世纪的仇恨
Have ears that do not hear 不是泪水可以融化的
An eye for an eye 以眼还眼,以牙还牙
That was all that filled their minds 这是他们唯一的信条
And another eye for another eye 继续以眼还眼
Till everyone was blind 直到同归于尽

Now I don't know where the moral is现在我不知道道德都去了哪儿
Or where the song should end 歌声什么时候停止
But I wonder just how many wars 但是我只是想,有多少战争
Are fought between good friends 让好朋友对抗
And those who give the orders 发出命令的人
Are not the ones to die 却不是牺牲的人
It's Scott and young MacDonald 牺牲的,是斯科特和年轻的麦克当纳
And the likes of you and I 还有你我的亲朋

There were roses, roses 玫瑰啊,玫瑰啊
There were roses 有很多的玫瑰
And the tears of a people ran together众人泪流成河

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