Home And The Heartland-Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly 

被喻为塞尔特民谣新声天后的丽莎凯莉(Lisa Kelly),以着极为纯净雄厚嗓音实力,击败诸位实力派歌手,雀屏中选为大河之舞一线女主唱。如果你聆听过她的专辑,你将明白为何声音澄澈如水晶般的丽莎,如何以着她多层次的歌声深度诠释宽广音域,遑论是为《大河之舞》这般情节繁复的歌舞剧献声。《大河之舞》是百老汇的著名舞剧,这首Home And The Heartland是《大河之舞》最终章《Heartland》之前的一个小串场曲目。

试听:Home And The Heartland-Lisa Kelly

From high in the sky
Through the clouds and rain
Every familiar field
Seems like an old friend
Clancy Sarah
When every hand that you shake
Is like a warm embrace
Could only be one sweet place
Home and the Heartland
Sing out your songs and
Ring out your stories and rhymes
Dances that lead us to bind in heart and mind
As we circle the world
With our wandering airs
Gathering here and there
Leaving behind our share
Like the leaves in the wind
They are blown along
Each melody rising from
Home and the Heartland


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