The Anchor Song-Chasing Dorotea

The Anchor Song,以淡淡的口琴声开头,旋律优美,令人沉醉。
依然有着Labrador阳光清朗、安静温柔的旋律。只是Chasing Dorotea的音乐更加冷静低调、沉默清爽。虽然只发行过这一张专辑,但Chasing Dorotea足以就此成为Labrador一道独特的值得期待的风景。每次听到那首经典的The Anchor Song,耳朵可以放松的躺在旋律的海洋,再浮躁的心也会很快被舒散……
另:Labrador建立于98年,并由一位行政人员Bengt Rahm发起。Labrador不是一所“创造”乐队的厂牌,而是为了一些已有能力发展自己音乐的乐队出版唱片,因此音乐的自主权也全在各组合自己身上。这正是Labrador的营运方针,令他们在这几年间,能成为一间冒起得比较快及较成功的瑞典独立厂牌。(来源网络)


While buying magazines in a mall we noticed some truly wonderful music coming from the speakers. Gentle little songs with sensitive whispery vocals. We asked the boy behind the counter what it was. That boy was songwriter Christopher Sander and the wonderful music was by his very own; Chasing Dorotea.
In the autumn of 2001 Christopher Sander gathered a bunch of friends to join Chasing Dorotea, started playing live in Sweden and, most importantly, recorded this wonderful self titled album.
Some people have compared him to Nick Drake, Red House Painters and Belle & Sebastian. And Christopher Sander certainly has the same obvious talent for letting emotions go straight from guitar and vocals to heart of the listener. Expect this songwriter to stick around for a good time.

试听:The Anchor Song-Chasing Dorotea

I've got a sparkle in your heart
Stronger than the brighter sun
And every time you come around
I know for sure that you're the one
You're the parachute that saves me
When I feel I need to jump
You're the records that I play
And you sing a song I need to hear
There is an ocean in your eye
Deeper than the dark blue sea
And every time you fall asleep
I want the ways (to swollen it)
You're the island that Im to
When I need to find a rock
You're the cables that connect me
And I need to feel the touch to something


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